PACE is organising a workshop to explore the potential of Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration to balance the grid and avoid extensions when the units are deployed as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration organised as VPP provides demand response services, and as such offers the flexibility of its load profile to the power markets and local distribution system operators. The economic benefit resulting from such demand response activities is expected to foster a broad introduction of the Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration technology in the European markets, by contributing to a reduction of the OPEX and supporting alternative business models.

The workshop will be organised as part of the Grid Service Market Symposium and will bring together Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration experts and grid service professionals to encourage the exchange of knowledge and creation of new ideas.

Title: PACE project workshop on Virtual Power Plant: Business potential and technology challenges
Time: Wednesday, 3rd July from 13.00 to 15.20 (GSM Symposium on 03-04 July all day)
Venue: KKL Luzern (Europaplatz 1, 6005 Luzern, Switzerland)
Agenda: HERE
Registration: contact Benedetta Di Costanzo