This week, the PACE Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration manufacturers are at the ISH fair in Frankfurt (Germany) to demonstrate how fuel cells and hydrogen will power and heat our houses and small businesses. At the fair, we are witnessing a high interest from installers, end-users and the wider energy community for this state-of-the-art technology.

Viessmann, a leading manufacturer in the heating sector, is taking the opportunity to present its brand-new unit Vitovalor PA2. This fuel cell unit can be integrated in existing heating systems in single-family homes and enables homeowners to generate their own electricity. Max Viessmann, CEO of Viessmann, stressed during his presentation at the ISH fair: “integrating home energy systems via new technologies, digital platforms and other services is key of how the next generation will look at heating and home comfort. Viessmann’s vision is to create cozy homes, emission-free cities and a healthy planet.”

The ISH fair was also an excellent moment for SenerTec, part of the BDR Thermea Group, to present its new Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration unit Dachs 0.8. SenerTec shares the strong conviction with other manufacturers that fuel cells are the future of heating and powering our houses. First of all, Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration gives householders control over their electricity and heat production. This reduces the need to expand the electricity grid as fuel cells can produce the electricity for our future electric vehicle fleet and heat pumps. Moreover, it helps to integrate more renewables such as wind and solar power, since fuel cells can put the required electricity on the grid on days when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine. Finally, while Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration runs now on gas from the gas grid, which is converted to hydrogen in the unit, the units can run directly on green hydrogen in the future, making it a CO2 neutral technology.

For Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration manufacturer SOLIDpower, the ISH was the opportunity to showcase its new unit, the BlueGEN BG15 to the wider public. SOLIDpower echoes the messages of Viessmann and SenerTec as a strong believer in the technology. Andreas Ballhausen, Managing Director at SOLIDpower, pointed out: “Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration is the most efficient way to use natural gas today and paves the way for the hydrogen economy of tomorrow. The new BlueGEN BG15 is perfectly suited to support the uptake of intermittent renewables thanks to its flexibility.” Buderus, a partner of Bosch, was present as well at the ISH with its BlueGEN Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration unit. The company generated much attention from the trade fair visitors with this highly efficient technology.

The ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on energy and water management in buildings. It runs from 11 to 15 March 2019 in Frankfurt.