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Fuel cells making houses more efficient

Since 2020, Ralph N. from Singen (Germany) is the proud owner of a SenerTec Dachs 0.8 fuel cell unit. He and his family can now generate their own heat and electricity in a very efficient way for their 280 square meters single-family house. Furthermore, the family successfully refurbished their house to become more energy efficient by replacing the single-glazed windows [...]

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Belgian family goes fuel cells!

In a drive to reduce their energy costs and emissions, the Belgian family Van den Eynde decided to switch from their old heating system to a fuel cell system. The PACE project had the privilige to interview them: Why did you want to put a fuel cell and not just a new boiler in the house? First I want to [...]

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Virtual Workshop: Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration in the Czech Republic (15 June | 09:00 – 12:00)

An increasing number of European households and small businesses is embracing fuel cell micro-cogeneration for heat and electricity generation. With this new technology they can reduce their energy bills and CO2 emissions. In this workshop, experts from industry and technology institutes will explain how fuel cell micro-cogeneration works and assess its potential in the Czech Republic. [...]

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L’utilizzo delle celle a combustibile negli edifici fornisce energia elettrica e termica ad altissima efficienza oltre ad abbattere emissioni e costi energetici. Questa tecnologia innovativa rappresenta la soluzione per la tua attività e la tua abitazione ed è già disponibile in Italia a prezzi competitivi. Partecipa al webinar gratuito e scopri perché le celle a combustibile possono essere esattamente [...]

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The European building stock: too diverse for a one-fits-all decarbonisation solution

Bringing down emissions from buildings to zero might be the hardest nut to crack for the European Green Deal. With heating and cooling in buildings being responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of emissions, the importance of its decarbonisation cannot be overestimated. As the current annual renovation rate is below 1% and more than 70% of heating in [...]

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182.000 kWh Generated in 7 Years at one Third of the Normal Energy Costs

Wim De Beuckeleer and his wife both work as doctors in a hospital in Belgium. Seven years ago, they decided to install a swimming pool in their garden. “We knew that our electricity bill would rise sharply”, says Wim. Searching for cost-effective and sustainable solutions In order to counter a rising energy bill, Wim and his wife looked at all [...]

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