Japan: A success story in deploying Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration

Japan is the world-wide leading country in developing and deploying Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration. As a highly industrialised country consuming large amounts of energy and possessing few natural resources, Japan is diversifying its energy system and increasing its efficiency. These efforts were intensified following the Fukushima disaster. The development of hydrogen [...]

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ADEME and GRDF launch Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration trial as part of French Hydrogen Plan

The French Hydrogen Plan, which was announced on 1 June 2018, features the launch of a demonstration trial in France with 50 Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration units. ADEME, the French Environment & Energy Management Agency, and GRDF, the French gas distribution company, coordinate this ambitious project. The three-year trial takes place [...]

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Bringing Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration to remote areas in Europe

Liquified Petrol Gas (LPG) has many purposes. It is widely used in transport, industry, and home appliances. Today, LPG can be combined with Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration and bring efficient heat and electricity to homes not connected to the gas grid. LPG in combination with Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration reduces energy costs [...]

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PACE calls upon the British government to maintain the Feed-in-Tariff scheme for Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration

Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration is a technology with great potential to help address the challenges of the energy trilemma - the ability to provide secure and low-carbon energy at affordable prices. Fuel cells run on hydrogen and produce heating and electricity on location. The use of Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration heavily reduces [...]

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Meet Sunfire, the new PACE partner

As one of the world's most innovative clean technology companies, Sunfire develops and manufactures fuel cell systems for residential and commercial applications as well as electrolysers for the industry such as refineries and steelworks. Sunfire’s vision is to make this technology the cornerstone of our future decentralised energy system. Since [...]

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