As one of the world’s most innovative clean technology companies, Sunfire develops and manufactures fuel cell systems for residential and commercial applications as well as electrolysers for the industry such as refineries and steelworks. Sunfire’s vision is to make this technology the cornerstone of our future decentralised energy system. Since its foundation in 2010, Sunfire has successfully established itself as a trusted partner for global companies and has been honoured with national and international awards for its innovative and pioneering technology. Sunfire joined PACE in 2018 to promote Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration technology across Europe.

Within PACE, Sunfire will launch units with 750-Watt rated power. Sunfire-Home systems will operate on liquefied petrol gas (LPG) and are designed for single family houses not connected to the gas grid. It’s often difficult for these customers to find an alternative sustainable replacement for oil heaters mostly used in existing buildings. As part of the PACE project, 500 units will be sold by selected liquid gas suppliers at competitive prices comparable with the cost of traditional heating systems.

Sunfire was involved in the EU-funded Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration demonstration project, ene.field, the predecessor of the PACE project. Within the framework of ene.field, Sunfire delivered fuel cell stacks, while former partner Vaillant provided the surrounding system. In 2018, Sunfire took over patent licenses and the necessary system development expertise from Vaillant.

Sunfire uses solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) in a compact and highly integrated design with a system concept to provide combined heat and power in residential buildings for more independence and an active contribution to the energy transition. Users thus benefit from high efficiencies and reliability, along with low operating costs and substantial power cost savings.

In 2018, Sunfire acquired new enerday GmbH, a specialist in small fuel cells for houses and off-grid power supply now operating as Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH. The fuel cell activities will be concentrated at new facility in Neubrandenburg. The advanced development and manufacturing resources from Sunfire Fuel Cells will help Sunfire deliver its residential fuel cell system to the market. The system can be combined with standard heating equipment of leading suppliers. Market introduction starts in 2019.