Element Energy

Element Energy is a consultancy providing strategic advice, techno-economic analysis and engineering assessments in the low carbon energy sector. Element Energy has been involved in hydrogen and fuel cell technology since its formation in 2003.

Element Energy has expertise in consultancy projects across the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, having carried out techno-economic analysis, strategic work and project management for a variety of fuel cell manufacturers, cogeneration technologies  providers and FCH JU-funded projects for transport and stationary applications.

Element Energy was recently acquired by ERM, a global sustainability consultancy practice with over 5,500 employees in 40 countries.

Role in the Project

  • Manage the different Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration trials, ensuring that they are structured around a common framework and overseeing their day-to-day management
  • Produce a survey of the attitudes of the micro-Cogeneration customers in their respective market
  • Develop a PACE specific modelling package to allow the effects of different revenue streams and policies on the consumer offer of micro-Cogeneration to be assessed
  • Support COGEN as a technical Co-ordinator.