Austria – Where do I get my fuel cell?

Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration systems from Bosch and SOLIDpower are available to be installed in Austria (click on the manufacturer’s names for detailed information).
We would need you to provide some basic information about the building where the Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration unit will be installed to understand if our home energy systems would be suitable for you. Please, have a look at the short checklist below. It will take only 3 minutes.


Important prerequisites for the installation of a Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration unit

If you are interested in a Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration unit, you should consider several aspects in advance:

  • The Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration unit cannot be installed for an emergency replacement of your current heating system.

  • The building should have a main gas connection.

  • The building should have a central heating system.

  • The building should be connected to the electricity grid.

  • The building should have an internet connection.

You can find more information on the PACE project and Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration in the brochure below (in German).

Image PACE Brochure